White Wolf Hotel by AND-RÉ

Located in Penafiel, Portugal, the White Wolf Hotel offers guests a holistic place that is surrounded by the calm of its natural environment. Designed by AND-RÉ as a series of buildings that are built to reflect the nature around, the hotel is dedicated to the body and spirit and offers its visiting guests alternative ways of living.

WHITE WOLF HOTEL AND RE 2 600x899 White Wolf Hotel by AND RÉ

The design is there to be a place to live or just visit, but also to be a place of joy, happiness, and peace. They chose to separate the hotel into different buildings, all while having each one adapt to the natural conditions and the land.

WHITE WOLF HOTEL AND RE 3 600x400 White Wolf Hotel by AND RÉ

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The Enduring Appeal of the Egg Basket (5 photos)

On Easter Sunday candy-colored baskets will be out in full force. But as anyone who raises chickens knows, these are the distant, tarted-up cousins of the real egg baskets the sort that people use for daily egg gathering. Vintage egg baskets have the simple, industrial beauty that

farmhouse garage and shed The Enduring Appeal of the Egg Basket (5 photos)mediterranean entry The Enduring Appeal of the Egg Basket (5 photos)traditional living room The Enduring Appeal of the Egg Basket (5 photos)


Sturdy Coat Hook With a Distinctive Industrial Look: Battleship

Battleship is a sturdy coat hook with a distinctive industrial appearance. Developed by English designer David Cathro of aCathroDESIGN, this modern and sleek functional piece is made from laser cut steel with a high quality semi-gloss powder coated finish. According to the designer, the aim of the project is to impart a modern industrial feel to the room, while still exuding a cozy feel.

Here is more from the official description of the project we received: “The hook is shown in a newly refurbished private residential interior. The owners wanted a fresh approach to the interior scheme and chose to start with the kitchen first. The Battleship hooks were chosen due to their clean industrial lines and powder coated steel finish which allows them to stand up to the rigors of a daily kitchen environment“. Battleship is available in two colors (white and grey), making this creative hook design easily adaptable to a variety of modern interiors. [Information provided via e-mail by aCathroDESIGN; Photography: David Cathro 2014]

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Never too many colors! (AKA Another Lego table)

logo2 Never too many colors! (AKA Another Lego table)

Vintage Door Knobs And How To Give Them A New Purpose

It’s been a while since I haven’t seen people who have door knobs in their homes or apartments. To be honest, I really like them and since I was a child I wondered how they functioned. Now their time has passed. Let’s say you still use door knobs, what would you do in this case? Maybe you would replace them, but then what? I always thought that anything broken or old-fashioned can be reused. It’s in my nature! Because I’m always an adept of recycling or repurposing things, I’ve thought about sharing some ideas with you.

1. Use door knobs to create decorative table numbers for your wedding.

door knobs table number for weeding1 Vintage Door Knobs And How To Give Them A New Purpose

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