Ready? Jet, Set, Go With The New Design Milk Travels

I think I can speak on behalf of the Design Milk team when I say, if there’s anything we’re more passionate about than design, it’s travel because the latter helps us to discover so much more of the former. We are constantly inspired by design in/around/during travel, and we want to share more of it with you.

With that, we are super excited to announce the launch of our new Instagram, @designmilktravels! Modern hotels, eco-friendly resorts, design-friendly boutiques, sculptural gardens, gastronomic tasting experiences, architectural cities: we’re out to find all the coolest, modern travel experiences for the design enthusiast. Whether you have just a few minutes to satisfy your wanderlust or are trying to make the best itinerary for an upcoming trip, this new Instagram is your new go-to for all things modern travel related.

And that’s not all!


As you know, we cover travel topics often here on Design Milk and now it’s even easier to find them with our new Travel section. We’ll continue to bring the best of travel and design here, with topics like:


… our Destination Design column where we find designy (yes, that’s an official word in the Design Milk handbook) places for you to visit, like the ION Adventure Hotel in Iceland. Bonus: this is now a weekly instead of monthly post, which means more places for you to add on your Google spreadsheet itinerary. (Anyone else do this? *hand raise*),


… our monthly Design Store(y) column where we take a behind-the-screen look at design shops, like the Unlimited store, and chat with the store owners and creatives,


… travel accessories roundups (stay tuned to see what the Design Milk team takes on our own trips!),


… the latest in modern luggage. We talked about and bought this Away carry-on for its chargeable feature (you didn’t find us waiting for outlets at the airport),

… and coming soon, Design Milk Travel Guides! Book a trip and then check back here to pack your itinerary with experiential places to eat/play/stay in different cities.

There’s a lot more to come on the horizon (no pun intended) and we’ll share it all with you first here on Design Milk. Until then, add the new @designmilktravels account on Instagram, check out the Travel section, and get ready to explore the world with us.

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