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Huge Private Home Built From 31 Shipping Containers In Australia

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The 12.20 House And Its Unique Architectural Approach In Just 45 Square Meters

One of the advantages of living in a house as opposed to an apartment is that you can contribute to its design and make it suitable for your needs. Also, a house is usually bigger than an apartment. But it’s not always the case. For example, this contemporary house only occupies an area of 45 square meters which is relatively small, even for an apartment.

12 20 house alex nogueira The 12.20 House And Its Unique Architectural Approach In Just 45 Square Meters

The house was built in Campo Grande, Brazil. It was designed by architect Alex Nogueira and completed in 2013. Some of the requirements for this project included a simple design with clean lines and a unique twist.

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Custom Swimming Pool by Cipriano Landscape Design: beyond amazing!

The client is an amateur violin player and collector so his dream of having a Stradivarius Pool within his landscape was from the heart and the many collaborators on the project where excited to help him make his dream a reality. Within the design itself the entire violin attributes were accounted for including purlflings, f-holes, a bridge, strings, a tailpiece and a chinrest. Additional elements of custom tile work and LED lighting layered in an intricate artistry that give the pool a charismatic aesthetic that can be appreciated both up close and from a distance.

Other features that up the enjoyment factor are the 1,000,000 BTU heater (making year round use of the pool and spa enjoyable), Wireless technology (so the homeowner can adjust any pool settings and landscape utilities directly from an iPhone) and an underwater audio system that makes listening to music possible while swimming laps or playing underwater

A fiber optic rope lighting detail illuminates the entire periphery of the pool. Made up of 350′ of rope lighting, Cipriano masons countersunk the fiber optic rope beneath the pool’s coping to obscure it from the swimmers view while allowing the effects of the lights to glow freely into the watery violin.

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Mountain Ridge Hosting Dramatic Modern Architecture: House in Yatsugatake

After spending many years searching for the ideal site to build his home, the owner came across this heavenly sloping mountain ridge at the foot of the Yatsugatake Mountains in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Next up, he commissioned Kidosaki Architects Studio to deliver a daring residential design. House in Yatsugatake is partially extended off the ground, with a mega structures column enabling half of the project to visually “float”. The house comes with a total living surface of 303 square meters, each of them offering spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.
Here is more from the architects: “When you are invited to the entrance-way, after passing through the restrained space of the hallway,  you enter a dramatic space, with magnificent and impressive scenery spreading before your eyes. This space is an extravagant experience that only those privileged enough to be welcomed here can enjoy“. All interiors were envisioned in a minimalist style, emphasizing on the magic beyond the windows-have a look and tell us what you think! [Photos by: 45g Photography] – Interior Design & Architecture Magazine

Airy Apartment Interior by Diego Revollo

The Panamby Apartment by Diego Revollo is a light and airy home that reflects the personality of its owners.

interior design tv diego revollo 600x390 Airy Apartment Interior by Diego Revollo

With a size of 170 square meters (~1830 square feet) and located in Panamby, a premium neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazil, the apartment houses a young modern family and two kids. Originally, there was a balcony off the living room but because of the lovely São Paulo weather, Revollo suggested that it become additional living space. Enclosing the balcony with glass and creating a giant window allowed the home owners to take better advantage of their outdoor space and maximizing the view, all while keeping the kids safe. Plus, talk about natural light!

interior design livingroom diego revollo 600x376 Airy Apartment Interior by Diego Revollo

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