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The Redesigned Villa Piedad in San Sebastián, Spain

This modern home that you see here is called Villa Piedad which could be translated as “mercy house”. It’s located in San Sebastián, Spain and it has a very interesting history. Originally, on this plot used to be a two-family house that was originally built in 1950. Later on, the house was divided up into 8 tiny flats. This villa is the result of rebuilding and redesigned one half of the under-roof space from the original structure.

villa piedad marta badiola The Redesigned Villa Piedad in San Sebastián, Spain

The flat was a space with low ceilings and 5 tiny rooms. It was in very bad shape so the first solution was to demolish everything, including the roof. Then a square space was revealed. The 57 square meter space that you see now was created in 2010. It was a challenging project by architect Marta Badiola. The main goals were to convert the space into a livable home, to use it more appropriately and to give it a fresh and modern look.

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A house on pillars in Hungary by Allhitecture

This contemporary summer house is located in Balatonakarattya, Balatonkenese, Hungary. It sits in a beautiful region surrounded by trees and vegetation and it offers views over Lake Balaton. It occupies an area of 122.0 square meters and it has an interesting design. The house was a project by Allhitecture and it was built in 2009.

summer house on pillars allhitecture A house on pillars in Hungary by Allhitecture

The house is a summer retreat and it was built on pillars. It’s a detail designed to make it easily integrate into the surrounding environment and the pillars were inspired by the tree-trunks. They support the front volume just like the trunks support the tree’s crown. This particular region around the lake requires all buildings to respect the Building Regulation made in the middle of the 20th century. This means they have to have a traditional, pitched roof. However, this plot is situated on the border and the architects managed to get permission for a flat roof that better fits with the modern design of the house.

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Geometric Residence Featuring A Modern Interior Design

Maison E3 or the E3 House is a contemporary residence located in Montréal, Canada. It covers a surface of 300 square meters and has a contemporary design and a very serene interior. The house was designed by Natalie Dionne and completed in 2012.The E3 house was designed as a private residence but also as a gathering place and inspirational space for the clients. It benefits from a great location, near the popular Jean-Talon Market in Montreal.

maison e3 natalie dionne Geometric Residence Featuring A Modern Interior Design

The owners are a family with great attachment to this particular neighborhood. The parents work in theatre, film and television while the children are young adults. Given these facts, the house needed to be a flexible space. As a result, the architects designed this very serene interior with a simple and airy atmosphere and a touch of luxury.

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Design Dilemma: Size Doesn’t Matter

smallbedroom11 Design Dilemma: Size Doesn’t Matter

According to a recent report of the American Institute of Architects, Americans are getting more real with home design. Instead of lusting after huge master bedroom suites, gigantic kitchens, two-story entry ways and living rooms,  and enormous “his n’ her” bathroom suites, people these days are content with smaller everything, including less square footage, smaller master bedrooms, smaller kitchens, and an open floor plan that combines living room space with the dining room and kitchen. The key, these days, is functionality, not size.

It makes a lot of sense with higher energy costs and environmental concerns.  Who wants to heat a 4000 square foot manse when a 1500 square foot cottage can work just as well?  So let’s take a look at how lean and mean can function in real life, shall we?

1) Small Master Bedroom.
We always wondered why so many home design magazines feature a master bedroom complete with a couch, coffee table and TV. Why? Aren’t bedrooms supposed to be about sleeping? Fortunately, architects and builders are coming to their senses. Not all of us want to hang out in the bedroom all day.  Here’s an example of a small bedroom below.  It’s simple, yet elegant, and its really all that anyone needs:
small bedroom1 Design Dilemma: Size Doesn’t Matter

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