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20 Most Popular Projects Presented on Freshome in 2012

Dear Freshome readers, it is time to draw the line and remember some of the fascinating projects presented on Freshome in 2012. We gathered a list with 20 of the most popular posts in the last 12 months, according to traffic and shares. Enjoy and remember that you can click on each photo for more pictures and information about the projects.

popular project freshome 2012 20 Most Popular Projects Presented on Freshome in 2012

#1. This amazing pool shaped like a guitar proved to be a challenge for its designers and builders, Canadian Aqua-Tech Company. Wanting a guitar-shaped swimming pool in his backyard, the client was presented with an exact replica of a Les Paul Custom guitar – shaped in fine details and exemplary displaying creativity in design and construction.

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Original Architecture Details and Layout Characterizing Casa Natalia in Mexico

Casa Natalia 6 Original Architecture Details and Layout Characterizing Casa Natalia in Mexico

Agraz Arquitectos envisioned and developed Casa Natalia, a 565 square-meter property in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. The project showcases quite a few original design features,starting with its original layout. A stairway hints the way towards a ground floor area. According to the architects, this particular element also “leads to the main door, which by being separated from the car entrance, leaves a front plaza for the house that dilutes all frontiers between urban and architectonic spaces“.

Casa Natalia 1 Original Architecture Details and Layout Characterizing Casa Natalia in Mexico

Once inside, the living and dinning rooms offer an extension with an intimate family room and a terrace that can be the perfect social place due to its transforming possibilities: it can be fused or isolated from the rest of the precincts according to the needs and has an independent entrance“. While the facade facing the street is partially shut, the opposite side of the residence displays large windows, opening up the home towards a lovely garden.

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Design Dilemma: Size Doesn’t Matter

smallbedroom11 Design Dilemma: Size Doesn’t Matter

According to a recent report of the American Institute of Architects, Americans are getting more real with home design. Instead of lusting after huge master bedroom suites, gigantic kitchens, two-story entry ways and living rooms,  and enormous “his n’ her” bathroom suites, people these days are content with smaller everything, including less square footage, smaller master bedrooms, smaller kitchens, and an open floor plan that combines living room space with the dining room and kitchen. The key, these days, is functionality, not size.

It makes a lot of sense with higher energy costs and environmental concerns.  Who wants to heat a 4000 square foot manse when a 1500 square foot cottage can work just as well?  So let’s take a look at how lean and mean can function in real life, shall we?

1) Small Master Bedroom.
We always wondered why so many home design magazines feature a master bedroom complete with a couch, coffee table and TV. Why? Aren’t bedrooms supposed to be about sleeping? Fortunately, architects and builders are coming to their senses. Not all of us want to hang out in the bedroom all day.  Here’s an example of a small bedroom below.  It’s simple, yet elegant, and its really all that anyone needs:
small bedroom1 Design Dilemma: Size Doesn’t Matter

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