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13 Ways to Make a Ceiling Look Higher

If your home has ceilings that are inherently low (such as in a basement), or if your ceilings are of average height but you might want them to look taller, you might have been looking into ways to give the appearance of height.

coffered white ceiling 13 Ways to Make a Ceiling Look Higher
There are as many different ways help with this allusion as there are different low-ceiling’d spaces. Sometimes, the strategies are completely opposite, which can be frustrating. But if you read on, keeping your own space in mind, we think you’ll be able to figure out a few tips that will work for you.


1. Uncover the ceiling’s architectural skeleton.

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Volkswagen’s Spectacular Car Towers In Wolfsburg, Germany

When a person goes to buy a new car, the anticipation is overwhelming. You can imagine yourself seeing the car all beautiful and shiny and this makes the revealing moment even more dramatic. So imagine that you want to buy a new Volkswagen car and you go to Wolfsburg, Germany. There, you enter a 20-story building and take a glass lift that takes you to an observation deck.

Autostadt CarTower Discovery in Germany1 Volkswagen’s Spectacular Car Towers In Wolfsburg, Germany

From there, hundreds of new cars are revealed and you can admire them all in this amazing tower. But here, at Autostadt, there are actually two Car Towers. They each hold 400 cars and they are the main attraction for guests and purchasers. The lift that takes the visitors to the observation deck can hold up to six people and is made of glass. The cars displayed in these towers come from the Volkswagen plant which is located very close. The cars are transported through a 70 meter tunnel and then to one of the hundreds of bays where they are displayed.

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How to cover unfinished basement walls

When you are planning to remodel your basement one particular of the most crucial factors would be to use a good makeover to the current basement ceiling, which would be successful nevertheless function out at an cost-effective cost. The basement is usually a location filled with pipes, beams and when you are hunting to remodel the area for some added storage or living it would be essential to conceal all these pipes and beams operating across the length and breadth of your basement ceiling, and utilizing paint or a suspended ceiling would be a fantastic notion.

basement walls cover How to cover unfinished basement walls

When price range is the main criteria, you could decide on to spray paint the total ceiling providing it that real determining appear which is desirable however efficient in concealing all the pipe operate. You could use a shade of off white, as it would give a broader experience to the complete ceiling. The exact same color and texture of paint could be employed for the walls to give that uniform and matching impact.

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