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2014 Kitchen Trend Spotting with Susan Serra

Our fantastic friend Susan Serra, CKD, CAPS shares a few exciting new innovations and trends in modern kitchen design. 

Observing kitchen design trends from year to year can be all about nuanced changes, and kitchen trend spotting for 2014 is no different. A big expense and a long-term investment in function and style for most homeowners, kitchen fashion trends tends to be slower to change than general interior design.

It is that subtle change from year to year which makes me turn Trend Detective to dig deep and consider social behaviors, world events, European interior design, product launches, trade show exhibits and even Hollywood sets to connect the dots.​ This year I’ve been to four trade shows and two in Europe to study kitchen trends.​

modern yellow white kitchen design 600x641 2014 Kitchen Trend Spotting with Susan Serra

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Design Dilemma: Decor Trends 2014

Every year brings changes in interior design. One year Chinese garden stools are in,  the next it’s faux mooseheads. Suddenly everyone wants a jacuzzi tub, then everyone wants a sauna. Design trends tend to move more slowly than fashion trends, (thank goodness!), and yet, every year does bring some nuance in the way we approach interior design. This year, more people are installing “u sockets” in their homes to accommodate Ipads, Kindles and other electronic equipment. More people are living at home with adult children or elderly parents, and adapting their interiors accordingly. In addition, people are mixing gold and silver, painting walls yellow and investing in furniture of raw woods and metals. Are you curious about what’s hot and not in 2014? Here are a few trends to watch out for:

1.) Showers, not tubs. This trend has been in the making for a while. More and more of us prefer the simplicity of a walk-in shower to the relative complexity of a tub. It makes sense. The population is aging and tubs can get tricky with age. Plus, tubs are often more difficult to clean. The most popular showers are of the walk-in variety shown above and below. They include seating, niches for soap and shampoo, and often, when space permits, double showerheads. Showers that meld seamlessly with existing flooring, without any sort of a waterguard curb are also gaining in popularity.

And here’s another cool look:

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20 Most Vibrant Worldwide Design Events to Attend in 2014

20 Most Vibrant Worldwide Design Events to Attend in 2014

As bloggers, we savor interior design events! And how could we not? They are a marvelous opportunity for people in the industry to get together, learn from each other’s experiences and take a sneak peek at tomorrow’s trendy creations for the home. With these in mind, we decided to inform all designers, architects and enthusiastic bystanders out there regarding the upcoming major design events in 2014. So here they are, ordered by date: the Globe’s most vibrant, interactive and famous gatherings you should be a part of in the year to come!

#1. IMM Cologne: 13-19 January in Cologne, Germany

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